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Our editors have combed through hundreds of exhibitors to save you time and have come up with this curated list of exhibitors at PACK EXPO Las Vegas on packaging & processing sustainability. Click on the buttons on the left side to narrow the list of exhibitors.

Also be sure to check out the sustainability-related educational sessions at the show, as well as how we are making the show itself more sustainable.

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Beyond the package

Booth #N-19022
1-Pack will exhibit its custom blow molded PET and HDPE containers that achieve recyclability and sustainability for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical and household applications.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Rigid containers, Food contact

Booth #SU-8069
Aripack will showcase its sustainable flexible pouches and rigid plastic containers including recyclable and compostable solutions, as well as paper laminates, and its NEO Plastic package that is designed to work in landfills.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Biodegradable, Flexibles, Rigid containers, Fiber-based, Food contact

De Cans Cans
Booth #N-11015
De Cans Cans will exhibit its sustainable portfolio of drinking straws, including its eco-friendly paper straw.
Food contact true

Food contact, Fiber-based

Evanesce Packaging Solutions
Booth #N-9306
Evanesce Packaging Solutions will showcase its fully compostable packaging and wide range of molded products for the food industry.
Food contact true

Biodegradable, Food contact, Bio-based, Trays, Fiber-based

Charter Next Generation
Booth #N-9600
Charter Next Generation will showcase its GreenArrow™ platform of sustainable films that have been designed to power a new generation of sustainable, flexible packaging using PCR resins that reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.
Food contact true

PCR content, Flexibles, Food contact

Booth #C-3631
Clysar will showcase its sustainable new Clysar® EVO™, EVOX™, and EVO-C™ (Confidential) shrink films, which are high-performance recyclable packaging films developed using the guidelines of the How2Recycle® program.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Flexibles, Rigid containers

Elplast America
Booth #N-9911
Elplast America will exhibit its EL-ZIP® line of press-to-close zippers, including its ECO ZIPPER, available in compostable and biodegradable options.
Food contact true

Biodegradable, Food contact, Bio-based, Fiber-based

Colbert Packaging
Booth #SL-6629
Colbert Packaging will showcase its paperboard packaging solutions that use less material, increase recyclability, and use water- and agri-based inks, coatings, and adhesives.
Food contact false

Fiber-based, Recyclable

Booth #SU-7925
Glenroy will highlight its Sustainable Packaging portfolio, which features recyclable pouches and film laminations that qualify for the How2Recycle® store drop-off label program, post-consumer recycled (PCR) pouches, and film laminations made with up to 53% recycled content.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Source reduced, Food contact, PCR content

good natured Products
Booth #SL-6727A
good natured Products will showcase its eco-friendly products, such as compostable take-out containers, bioplastic food packaging, and Bio-PET food packaging.
Food contact true

Bio-based, Food contact, Rigid containers, Biodegradable, Fiber-based

Great Lakes Label
Booth #N-17000
Great Lakes Label will highlight its eco-friendly capabilities including its lean manufacturing to eliminate waste from all areas of production, as well as its use of thin liner and film stock in order to reduce waste, boosting productivity and overall sustainability.
Food contact false

Source reduced, Sustainable facilities

Graphic Packaging
Booth #C-2442
Graphic Packaging will highlight its sustainable and recyclable paperboard solutions like KeelClip™, PaperSeal®, ecotainer™, ProducePack™, and Z-Flute.
Food contact true

Fiber-based, Recyclable, Food contact, Trays

Gruppo Fabri Vignola
Booth #SU-8256
Fabri Group will exhibit its NatureFresh, certified compostable cling film for the fresh and packaged food industry.
Food contact true

Biodegradable, Food contact, Flexibles

Booth #N-9202
i2r will exhibit its aluminum foodservice packaging solutions that include the i2r Ultra™, a weight-reduced and infinitely recyclable aluminum tray that exhibits increased the strength over other competitor products.
Food contact true

Rigid containers, Trays, Source reduced, Food contact

Booth #SL-6101
Harpak-ULMA will highlight its sustainable solutions for food packaging, including Paperseal™, a fully printable, recyclable paperboard to replace plastic and thinner materials, enabling reduced package plastic content up to 80%.
Food contact true

Source reduced, Fiber-based, Recyclable, Flexibles, Trays, Food contact

Booth #N-9405
Mondi will showcase its EcoSolutions, including its recyclable paper-based packaging, mono-material pouches, and its metal-free high-barrier laminate, which is fully recyclable.
Food contact true

Flexibles, Fiber-based, Food contact, Recyclable, Bio-based

International Paper
Booth #N-9501
International Paper will highlight its fiber-based packaging, pulp, and paper including its Global Cellulose Fibers products made of 100% renewable, responsibly sourced natural fibers, as well as cellulose fiber, which is a natural material that degrades much more quickly than synthetic materials.
Food contact true

Fiber-based, Biodegradable, e-commerce, Recyclable, Food contact

Klöckner Pentaplast
Booth #SL-6734
Klöckner Pentaplast will exhibit its many sustainable films including its SmartCycle® portfolio of PCR films, as well as kp Tray2TrayTM food packaging that is made from 100% recycled PET and is fully recyclable.
Food contact true

PCR content, Flexibles, Food contact, Trays, Recyclable

Koksan PET
Booth #N-9508
Koksan PET will exhibit its OXO-BIODEGRADABLE material for food applications that accelerates the “natural decaying process” of plastic materials.
Food contact true

Biodegradable, Rigid containers, Food contact

Booth #N-9001
Melodea provides innovative bio-based solutions for paints, coatings, barriers, and other applications for the food, beverage, and healthcare industries.
Food contact false

Bio-based, Biodegradable

Booth #SL-6131
Liquibox will exhibit its line of sustainable products including fitments and taps, as well as bags and films like the Liquipure lite and Liquipure ultra, which are recycle-ready, meaning they are compatible with the flexible recycling streams that are commercially available today.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Rigid containers, e-commerce, Food contact

Booth #C-3840
Sealstrip will exhibit its VerdeSeal, a recyclable, proprietary pressure sensitive tape technology with FDA food compliance, applicable to Sealstrip’s easy open and resealable product lines.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles

Serim B&G
Booth #N-8904
Serim B&G will exhibit it biodegradable film and packaging for the food industry.
Food contact true

Biodegradable, Flexibles, Food contact, Rigid containers

Scholle IPN
Booth #N-9109
Scholle IPN will exhibit its total flexible packaging solutions for films and fitments to packaging liquid products, from one-to nine-layer barrier films, as well as eco-friendly recyclable, mono-material structures.
Food contact true

Flexibles, Source reduced, Recyclable, Machinery, Food contact

Plastic Packaging
Booth #N-11002
Plastic Packaging will exhibit its Thrive™ line of flexible packaging solutions that are available in both All PE (recyclable through in-store drop-off program) and with post-consumer recycled content.
Food contact true

Flexibles, PCR content, Recyclable, Food contact

Smurfit Kappa North America
Booth #N-9210
Smurfit Kappa North America will showcase its sustainable paper-based packaging solutions that are renewable, are designed to be recyclable, and if littered biodegrades naturally without leaving a trace.
Food contact true

Fiber-based, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Food contact, e-commerce

Morris Packaging
Booth #N-9107
Morris Packaging will showcase its sustainable flexible packaging solutions including packaging that is 100% recyclable, packaging containing 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin, as well as packaging made from alternative sources like sugarcane, corn, and hemp.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Bio-based, PCR content, Food contact

48forty Solutions
Booth #SU-8114
48forty Solutions will showcase its recyclable pallets available in both common and custom specifications.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport

Vishal Containers
Booth #N-9900
Vishal Containers will exhibit its sustainable recycle-ready CIRCUPACK range of flexible packaging that is designed for recyclability and meets circular packaging goals.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Fiber-based, Food contact

The HC Companies
Booth #N-8804
The HC Companies will exhibit its resin materials made from post-consumer, post-industrial recycled materials for the manufacturing of horticultural containers, as well as its 100% recycled containers.
Food contact false

PCR content, Bio-based, Fiber-based, Rigid

Booth #SU-7955
Zacros will exhibit its various mono-material products including 3D pouch, PE monolayer pouch, and Cubitainer® to offer companies sustainable solutions.
Food contact true

Source reduced, Flexibles, Recyclable, Food contact, Recyclable

Booth #C-5624
UltraThinSeal will exhibit its ultrasonic packaging technology that reduces energy consumption, reduces material use, reduces landfill waste by 8%, and is compatible with recyclable and biodegradable materials.
Food contact false


Booth #C-3014
Ossid will exhibit its packaging machinery that can help companies lessen their packaging material waste, while also reducing their carbon footprint. In addition, the company will highlight its equipment that can easily run recyclable and compostable films and trays.
Food contact true

Machinery, Food contact

Booth #C-2041
Polypack will exhibit its packaging solutions that reduce or eliminate corrugated and film consumption, utilize high-efficiency shrink tunnels, and utilize eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable, recycled, compostable, and renewably based resins.
Food contact false


Booth #SU-7569
ColdKeepers will showcase its one-piece bio-based shipping liners made with natural cotton fibers and fully recyclable LDPE shell.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Food contact, e-commerce, Pallets & Transport

Booth #SU-7264
Felins will showcase its banding solutions which unitize with minimal packaging materials to reduce its customers’ carbon footprint and packaging costs.
Food contact true

Source reduced, Flexibles, Food contact, e-commerce, Pallets & Transport, Rigid containers

Booth #SU-8211
iGPS will showcase its lighter, stronger, safer, and 100% recyclable iGPS plastic pallets that save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during transport.
Food contact true

Pallets & Transport, Food contact

Reusable Transport Packaging
Booth #SU-8006
Reusable Transport Packaging will exhibit its extensive collection of reusable bulk containers, totes, carts, as well as plastic pallets that last longer than wood pallets, saving money and reducing carbon footprint.
Food contact true

Pallets & Transport, food contact

Cargo Tuff
Booth #SU-8214
Cargo Tuff will exhibit its line of dunnage air bags, which are 100% recyclable and can be reused several times.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Flexibles, e-commerce, Pallets & Transport

Booth #SU-8004
Liviri will exhibit its family of reusable, thermally protective containers that eliminate corrugate and single-use packaging waste.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport, e-commerce

Polymer Solutions International (PSI)
Booth #N-9511
Polymer Solutions International (PSI) will highlight its reusable material handling products, such as plastic pallets, serving diverse industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automated storage and retrieval (ASRS), industrial, and retail.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport

Booth #SU-8349
UNIQBAG will exhibit its biodegradable Airbag Packaging, air-cushioned protective packaging that is recyclable, reusable, and works to reduce waste.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Biodegradable, Flexibles, Pallets & Transport

Electrosteam Generator
Booth #SU-7555
Electro-Steam will showcase its eco-friendly steam generators and sanitation systems that clean without harmful, toxic chemicals and drastically reduce the amount of water used to clean and sanitize, further reducing waste-water discharge.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Booth #N-18001
CentiMark will exhibit its eco-friendly roofing options such as daylighting, photovoltaics, cool roofs, and garden roofs for manufacturing plants and facilities.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

PAC Machinery
Booth #C-2414
PAC Machinery will showcase its new Recylene™ poly mailers, made with over 50% recycled content, and at least 40% of which is comprised of consumer-recycled material.
Food contact false

PCR content, Pallets & Transport, Machinery

Booth #SU-8443
EAD will highlight its services that design, build, and support environmentally friendly facilities, to minimize environmental impacts, conserve natural resources and provide effective environmental stewardship.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Booth #SU-7737
UET WATER (Universal Environmental Technologies, Inc.) will exhibit its water treatment solutions that use state-of-the-art innovative technologies to provide clean water and waste-water management solutions contributing to a sustainable environment.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

VaCom Technologie
Booth #N-28012
VaCom Technologies will exhibit and highlight its expertise on industrial refrigeration controls and energy efficiency, including energy analysis and Energy Dashboard performance monitoring.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Booth #N-10002
Terphane will showcase its sustainable flexible packaging solutions including its Ecophane® line, made up of rPET, produced with at least 30% post-consumer recycled PET resin and bPET, a biodegradable film.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, PCR content, Food contact, Biodegradable

Wexler Packaging Products
Booth #SU-7264, SU-7673
Wexler will exhibit its banding solutions that offer waste reduction through banding that replaces processes like poly-bagging, chipboard boxes and shrink wrap for an efficient solution for fulfilling e-commerce orders.
Food contact false

Source reduced, Pallets & Transport, e-commerce

Smart Plastic Technologies
Booth # N-16013
Smart Plastic Technologies will exhibits its full line of 100% recyclable products including single-use straws and stretch film that bio-assimilates like paper.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Food contact, Biodegradable

Henry Molded Products
Booth #SU-7930
Henry Molded Products will exhibit its recyclable and biodegradable molded fiber protective packaging made from recycled papers.
Food contact false

Fiber-based, PCR content, Recyclable, Biodegradable, e-commerce

ThermoPod, LLC
Booth #SL-6811
ThermoPod will exhibit its eco-friendly insulated shipping products including its biodegradable film, natural fiber insulation and recyclable products for shipping temperature-sensitive products.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Bio-based, e-commerce, Biodegradable, Pallets & Transport, Flexibles

Key Kahramanmaras
Booth #SU-8237
KMK Paper will showcase its recycled and reusable brown kraft paper for the packaging industry.
Food contact true

food contact,  Recyclable, PCR content, Fiber-based

Booth N-8814
BillerudKorsnäs will exhibit its high-quality packaging materials like sack paper, cartonboard, and kraft bags made from natural cellulose fiber, ideal for the food and beverage space.
Food contact true

Fiber-based, food  contact, Biodegradable, e-commerce

Sanat Ambalaj
Booth SU-7862
Sanat Ambalaj will showcase its bio shopping bags that are soluble based and produced from the starch of renewable raw materials like corn and sugar cane.
Food contact true

Food contact,  Biodegradable, Flexibles, bio-based

Booth #SL-6537
Pack3000 will highlight its flexible films including the Recyclable Flat Skin that is 80% recyclable, uses 85% less plastic compared to making the same package with a 350 micron tray, and is a paper base that can be printed on both sides.
Food contact true

Food contact,  Recyclable, Flexibles, Fiber-based, Source reduced

Booth #SL-6903
EFP will introduce its eQUAL Eco-Friendly natural fiber insulation for cold chain packaging solutions.
Food contact true

Food contact,  Fiber-based, Pallets & Transport, Biodegradable, Recyclable, Bio-based

Rovema North America
Booth # C-3141
Rovema will exhibit its advanced packaging machinery that utilizes green technology with efficient drives and low-loss transmissions, energy-optimized movements, energy recovery sealing with up to 25% less energy and up to 35% less air and power consumption.
Food contact false


Booth #N-9612
Canovation will highlight its cans designed for full recyclability with an end goal of net zero waste in landfills, as well as CanReseal®, which features a fully resealable lid which provides portability, decreases food waste, and meets rigorous environmental sustainability requirements.
Food contact true

Food contact,  Recyclable, Rigid containers, PCR content

Shafiis' Inc. DBA Tigerpress
Booth #N-18000
Tigerpress will highlight its sustainable eco-friendly printing technology in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with the latest in Green Print technology.
Food contact false

Machinery, Sustainable facilities

Booth #SU-7839
Contempo will showcase its packaging line made from 100% hemp.
Food contact true

Bio-based,  Recyclable, Biodegradable, Food contact, Fiber-based

Booth #C-4118
ActionPaq will exhibit its One Motion™ magnetic direct drive technology that improves efficiency by as much as 54%, which cuts down on production costs and dramatically improves GHG emissions.
Food contact false


Booth #C-4029
Mespack-Cloud will highlight its sustainable soluble pods as well as paper and mono materials structures, which are recyclable ready, recycled, or compostable.
Food contact true

Bio-based, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Food contact, Machinery, Flexible packaging